SAVE THE DATE — Election 2021

And yeah… It’s tomorrow. Just save the date to cast your vote.

I’m always excited to do mine. Every time it feels like the first. As my current residence is away from the permanent one, I’ve to travel some distance to reach the home place and cast my vote. And I’ve done that too without a second thought for the past few elections. It sounds very normal to me. But I got confused when some people ask me with wonder or contempt that why I have to do this just to cast a vote. It’s pity that many of us don’t know the importance of our own participation in elections.

There are even youngsters who stay away from the election saying “Whoever rules they gain”. It is the truth. But, we have the right to choose the better among them. Some people say “I’m not interested to vote for any of these candidates”. That too happens. Still, there is an option for you, called NOTA i.e, None Of The Above. If there are more people with the same opinion then re-election will be conducted with new candidates. But that too will happen only if the people like such a thought do their part. You are unknowingly supporting the candidates who are not of your choice by not taking part in the election. So, please don’t stay away from this democratic process. It’s your right as well as your duty to raise your opinion, whatever it is. You are the only person who can vote for your choice.

So, Cast your vote… Cast your opinion…

Engineer | Motivation Speaker | UPSC Aspirant